What is Ice Cream Social Club?

Ice Cream Social Club is a club for everyone regardless of what’s going on in your life, for us it’s an appreciation of chilling out and enjoying the good times.

Where are you based?

Ice Cream Social Club is based around the world, which is why we believe we can develop a community like no other.

Our team consists of people from all over the globe, helping us to create a true global feel and understanding to what is in the trending nature that is life.

So we have a global team to match our truly global audience.

Why was Ice Cream Social Club created?

Ice Cream Social came about, after a meeting amongst some friends as a means to have something special, something different that didn’t represent x y or z, instead it represents what friends are really about, friendship, laughs, love, and life.

We believe if we keep to our core goals of being good friends with as many people, laugh with them, love them for them and nothing else, and that is what life should be all about.

How can I join Ice Cream Social Club?

Very simple, just tell the world you’re a member, represent with a Ice Cream Social T Shirt, iPhone cover, a sticker, be it whatever you want, but there is no membership form, no criteria to meet or pass, for us everyone in the world can be a part of our Ice Cream Social family, just love life love friends and have a good time over a ice cream.